In 1905 to 1907 Songea was the center of the Maji Maji rebellion – considered the most significant challenge to colonial rule in German East Africa. Just over a kilometre outside Songea is the Maji Maji Memorial museum that commemorates the uprising. Behind it, is the tomb of the Ngoni chief Songea after whom the town is named. Songea is home to various missionary establishments (Peramiho) who have been at the forefront of sausage production over the years. Furthermore, Songea has been at the forefront of coffee farming, with vast coffee plantations in the region. Visit Songea and take part in the Selebuka Festival which attracts dancers, musicians and other artists to the city. Bordering Songea is Lake Nyasa that provides opportunities to kick-back and relax on idyllic beaches, rent kayaks, snorkel and even fish with the friendly locals.