“KIBUBU plan, purchasing a ticket in up to FOUR installments”.

KIBUBU Plan aimed at availing opportunities to the different categories of people such as students, patients, planners, budget customers and others to enjoy passenger Air transport services in Air Tanzania operation network.

The scheme will allow customers to pay for Air transport services up to four installments according to their travel plan.


At the commencement stage, the plan payment solution will be managed by issuance of Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) to each instalment paid by customer. When a customer wishes to purchase ticket in instalment, a booking will be done and each instalment paid for that booking will be issued EMD. Upon customer’s completion of the payments, then the ticket will be issued against EMDs in our offices, with booking/s have to be confirmed and fully paid at least 7 days before the day of travel.

In a later stage we will engage with financial institutions such as Banks and mobile money companies to broaden the project.

Terms and conditions of this services will be similar to that of the normal tickets. please visit our offices or call 0800110045 for more information.



  1. Will KIBUBU plan work for Regional and International flights?

Yes, the plan will work for Domestic, Regional and International flights.


  1. How much will be the minimum instalment?

First/Minimum instalment will be TSH 50,000 for domestic and USD 50.00 for Regional and International bookings.


  1. What will be the method of payment?

Initially the method of payment will be cash at any ATC offices but later the same will be extended to online payments, banks and other financial institutions.


  1. Can the KIBUBU instalment payment be done online?

Initially KIBUBU instalment cannot be done online but later this method will be available.


  1. What will be terms and conditions of KIBUBU plan?

Terms and conditions of KIBUBU will apply as those of normal tickets.


  1. If I decide not to travel, will I get the refunds of my instalments?

This will depend on the terms and conditions of the class booked as some of the classes are non-refundable and others will attract cancellation penalty.