Medical Clearance Before you Fly

If you have a pre-existing medical condition, we advise you visit your doctor before you fly, so that we can know how to best serve you.

You will require medical clearance to fly if you:

  • Recently had a major medical incident (heart attack, heart failure, stroke and respiratory failure or recent pneumothorax etc).
  • Had surgery within the previous two weeks.
  • One has a pre-existing heart or respiratory condition.
  • Have a medical condition which may be adversely affected by flying.
  • Have thrombophlebitis or history of pulmonary embolism.
  • Have unstable mental illness/impairment.
  • Have a medical condition that is a potential hazard to the health and safety of other guests or punctuality of the flight.
  • You are unable to care for yourself hence needs special assistance.
  • If you cannot use a normal upright seat e.g. a stretcher or medical condition that necessitates extra legroom.
  • Need in-flight oxygen, a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or ventilator.
  • Need battery-powered* medical equipment (except for CPAP) or a medical procedure during the flight.

If you have any of the above or other medical conditions, download and complete the MEDIF (Medical Information Form for Fitness to Fly)


Medical Devices

  • We understand that it can be a hustle to travel with medical devices and we’re here to assist you.
  • All medical devices intended to be used on board must be approved by IATA standards. Please provide details of the device before travel to doctors on call.
  • All medical devices must be dry-cell battery operated with sufficient battery supply for 1.5 times the flight duration and all batteries must be transported in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.
  • All ventilated cases require prior submission of MEDIF form and approved case by case. When approved client must be accompanied by a physician experienced in aeromedical transportation.
  • Portable oxygen concentrator; If you are carrying a battery-powered, portable oxygen concentrator on board as cabin baggage but do not intend to use it during the flight, the battery must be removed. It must be packaged separately unless the concentrator contains at least two protective features to prevent accidental operation during transport.


Medication on Board

We recommend to always carry your prescription, letter from your doctor and medication in your cabin baggage. Please note different countries have different regulations regarding carriage of medication hence important to check the regulations prior to travel.

Important to note medication cannot be refrigerated on board. Passengers who have to administer injections on board are urged to inform a cabin crew member.


Oxygen on board

Here at Air Tanzania   bn, we provide medical oxygen as prescribed subject to patient medical clearance. Passengers who require oxygen on board will require an appropriate medical escort except as provided by applicable law.


Stretcher and Mobility Assistance

Limited mobility? We’ve got you covered. Air Tanzania provides stretcher services subject to the medical clearance and conditions of carriage. Stretcher case clearance requires at least 48hrs prior notification. You will however, require an appropriate medical escort and may be asked to provide a medical certificate.